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Breaking News: Riek Machar’s entire forces has been dislodged in Northern Upper Nile<

Breaking News: Riek Machar’s entire forces has been dislodged in Northern Upper Nile


(Magenis) The SPLA (IO) office of information would like like inform the general public, especially the diehard supporters, Political Symphasizers and the grassroot levels across the country that, all these times around, many of you might have seen several attacks imposed on us at (Kitgwang) Magenis by the forces loyal to the former Chairman Dr. Riek Machar Teny, which completed received the last orders from their acting Chief to continue insistence attacks on the outskirt of (Kit-Gwang) Magenis, Tabaldi, Kombo-Zinki, Kazan, hoping to dislodge the main army HQs.

Moreover, the attacks which took place yesterday was the last attempt for them to control (Kit-Gwang) Magenis, but later on, they where terribly beaten, repulsed and neutralized the enemy and pursuing them upto their main base at the ring of the Sudanese border and led to the fall of “Amut” after a fierce battle.

After the fall of “Amut ” we found a huge military logistics that envolve the uniform and food logistics in the stores.

The scattered forces run deep to Sudan and it shall be upto them to either surrendered their weapons to the Sudanese army forces or snaking back at night to SSPDF military base at Kuek.

SPLA (IO) Viva!

Brig.General William Gatjiath Deng,
SPLA (IO) Army Spokesperson, (Kit-Gwang) Magenis GHQs/South Sudan


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