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Breaking news. : Malong declares new offensive on Government, warn of return to war


Breaking news. : Malong declares new offensive on Government, warn of return to war


South Sudan rebels group under the former  army chief of General  staff,  Paul Malong Awan has  announced a new battle against Juba government on Wednesday, a sign of escalating violence that could  undermined the Rome Peace Talks.

In a press release issue today, Major Philip Deng Kuol, the deputy military spokesperson says their military base was attacked by government forces  in Lakes state yesterday.

“The SSUF/A Deputy Military Spokesperson would like to inform the general public That SSPDF forces  carried massive attack against our military base in the outskirt of Abiru Boma, Langdit Payam of Cueibet county in Lakes State. In a retaliation, the SSUF/A gallant forces  made a very strong fortification and gained crucial advances in the hotspot of  Langdit. As I am writing, the attackers were repulsively dispersed in different directions and our forces remain in full control of the entire area”, said Major  Philip

South Sudan United front (SSUF/A) on Wednesday  declare  a “state of war” against South Sudan military forces in Juba.

“As it went bad on the side of the government during the process, SSUF/A invincible forces managed to capture  SSPDF convoy mounted with BM in a good condition…5 PKM, 7 AK47, over 7 of them died on spot as well as our battalions captured 4 alive and were being dragged to our military custody for further more evidences to the peace grantors later.

We will never tolerate such acts if the SSPDF is not respecting the ceasefire we had just signed. SSUF/A gallant forces must be standby and wield-up their military arsenals against any aggressor. SSUF/A forces should be ready for self-defense since it’s not a crime”,  Philip added.

The Deputy military official says that SSUF/A remains committed to the Rome Peace Accords and the signed cessation of hostilities of  Rome and later Naivasha.

“We are very committed to the ongoing peace initiative mediated by Sant’Egidio, for it’s the only option that will emancipates the downtrodden South Sudanese living standards.

We are hereby calling upon the regional blocs IGAD, AU and the International Communities, particularly the Sant’Egidio faith-based peace body, to separately investigate the matter and bring the culprits to justice”, Maj. Philip Deng Kuol  concluded.

Colonel Akol Akol, another senior Military official from SSUF/A says their movement is running out of Patient as the government forces are provoking the situation  in Lakes state.

“In regard to the above, SSUF/A deputy chief of general staff for operations through the military Spokesperson for SSUF/A is hereby echoing the warning for the very last time for government to cease from this misguided concept oppression and suppression of the opposition forces. We wish to sound this caution ones more that SSUF/A is out of this misconception. Finally, our hope for government commitment for peace are calling down on daily basis. And that the high military command of our mighty movement is also running out of patience and very much angered 16th assault on SSUF/A gallant forces in Lakes State is truly provocative and really not welcome on our side. Or else the regime will smell at a rat soon and possibly the country will be at mess and government bear the responsibility square”, reads the statement.


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