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BREAKING NEWS !! A Foreign Rapist, Arrested In Juba…


This evening, full confirmed report, the the culprit who has been responsible for molesting an teenager in the outskirt of Gudele just a couple of days ago, has been finally arrested by South Sudan Police Services, after a long apprehensively-operations across the city.

The perpetrator is identified as a Ugandan national by the name Charles Kinzinja Martin who also sneaked into the country illegally without an eligible documents in 2018 as an investigation proves the fact-findings…

According to Head Police Department in Gudele suburbs, Maj. Chol Santino Wol says, the culprit is already fallen at our trap and had to be dragged to into our custody, to taste the law of the land of blue people and he is already in a blue prison as an investigation still in a further more fact-findings…

Recently, your President Museveni descrbibed us the Blue People, now enjoy the blue prision and blue laws ya Charles


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