Bor fishermen worries losing tons of fish to bad weather

Locals display fish in Bor Town on 10th October 2021 Photo: Charles Wote/Eye Radio

Some fishermen in Bor town of Jonglei state have decried lack of fish storage facility.

Residents there reportedly produce some of the biggest percentages of fish in the country.

Fishing is regarded one of the most often a secondary source of livelihood undertaken by local populations along the Nile river corridors.

However, some of the fishermen now report shortage of a refrigerator and constant power to stock the fish in favorable temperature to prevent it for perishing.

Ayuen Philip Mathiang is a 33-year-old fishermen in Bor town.

He stated that they also lack modernized market space for selling their fish.

“We need fridge and fridge goes with power because in Jonglei here, the issue of power is a problem. Second to it, we need some places for putting fish in”, Ayuen Philip told Eye Radio in Bor Town .

The fishermen say there is need for a considerable potential of the fishery sector for economic development and food security in the country.

According to FAO, at least 1.7 million South Sudanese depend on fishing as the source of livelihoods, but fishing communities still lack the capacity to adequately exploit the fishery resources to their economic benefits.

Experts believe that the existence of other water bodies outside the Nile provides attractive opportunities for fish farming in the country.




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