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By  Ajok  Ngong  Ayuen

“Our family is a circle of strength of love with every birth and every union the circle grows.” “There is no doubt that it is around the family and the home that all the greatest virtues… are created, strengthened and maintained.” –Winston Churchill.


Family is valuable gift of our life. Its individual design, everyone has his/her own way he/she wants their family to look like and it’s responsibility of both partners to either make it the best family or not.

Love each other but not a common love everyone says and end in just less than a year. Love your partner without looking at your back, there is nothing left behind. Just focus on your future dreams.

Handle your partner with care and be scared to lose him/her. Look after him/her when he/she is sick, but not a partner who think of something else to do apart from taking care of his/her partner.



In every family, there must be fighting arguing, but having conflict can’t prevent you from making a best family. Even your own mother can have problem with you but still can solve. The same thing applies, learn to handle your conflict.



Telling your secrets to outsiders wouldn’t help you progressing at all. they spread to the whole society. And they will either destroy your family or replace you not even a best family. Keep your secrets at your family level no matter how big it is if you need a best family.


Accept each other with whole your heart regardless his/her weaknesses. We known that no-one is perfect but you have to concentrate on his/her strength leaving the negative one. A family where by people concentrate on individual positive side is the best family.


Family is a family but not a military base where by everything is command. Everyone has a right to express his/her ideas, explain to your partner in a good manner why you wanted this and that to be done. For example, if you want to marry then tell her the reason why you wanted another wife and also you wanted to further your studies tell him to why you wanted to go back to school regardless of his educational background. And he/her will understand.


No one wish to be poor but if your time has not come then be patient. Don’t compare yourself with other families. Be happy with the little you have. It’s not because you are weak but because it’s not yet your time.

Be committed to your family, work hard and use the little you get to your family. Don’t be that kind of person who likes spending outside then his family. remember charity begins at home.


Make decisions together so that you should not blame yourselves, don’t listen to allegations about your partner some of them are enemies of progress, put your family first, believe in yourselves that you are the best couple,  and you will make a best family. It’s not too late to make your family great again.


The views expressed in the ‘OPINIONS & ANALYSIS’ section of the are solely the opinions of the writers. The veracity of any claims made are the responsibility of the author not this thejubamirror website. If you want to submit an opinion piece or an analysis please email us

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Men don’t forgive cheating, but women do



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War Room. If as a married woman you haven’t watched, read or heard about this movie, then your person has not cheated on you enough.

Or has never cheated just. This has always been a song for women as an encouragement to forgive their philandering husbands especially if and when it has hit the roof.

Watch War Room, go on your knees and pray for your husband. Go on the mountains and fast for 40 days and 40 nights and dedicate the man of your house to the Lord in prayer.

Well, women easily forgive. Okay – they don’t easily do, because it is not as easy to forgive a cheating partner, but society and religion expects them to just pray and forgive. They cry their nights away and soak the pillows in tears begging God to change their persons. I don’t know, but every woman at this age and time, has made peace with the fact that his man will chew something new out there, at least once in his lifetime. Hence they don’t really get the shock when they find out. It’s just a confirmation of the fears.

But why do men find it so difficult to forgive infidelity? Yani the thought of another man right there, naked before his woman, makes them choke! The idea that the other man might be much better than him in matters sex, that she could be giving it better than she does back home, these ideas just can’t sink. The images can torture him all his life especially when he sees his woman around, say, she’s the legal wife complete with kids.

Caught his wife pants down








This conversation was triggered by some tweet about a man who had filed for divorce because he had caught his wife pants down, literally. Once tu and man went berserk! The babe had to remind him the countless times she had found him cheating but would still forgive. In two such cases, kids were born and she had even taken them in. But he would hear none of the nonsense! Like, how dare she have sex with another man, a man who is not him? Men usually regard infidelity more seriously. This, is according to one of my male friends. Infidelity affects a man’s masculinity and its the biggest offence against his manhood and identity and leaves questions about his sexual ability.

The act completely crushes his ego and lowers his self esteem as a man, he might even not be able to face his boys out there. How do you tell your boys that another man shagged your woman? When a woman cheats, apparently, it goes deeper than the physical sexual touch and when a man gets wind of this or has evidence, he gets mixed reactions. If kids are in the picture, there’s this possibility that those kids might not even be his. Women are weird humans, don’t joke! So the whole idea of a woman cheating, doesn’t sit quite well with any sane man.

See, it’s believed that women cheat for emotional reasons. Well, they are emotional beings. They cheat for attention and some, for revenge. Y’all know that when a woman decides to revenge, she engages all her gears and senses. Unlike men who might just cheat for sex and nothing more, a woman would even fall in love while at it. A man’s bruised ego can’t handle betrayal and forgiveness is the last he can think of.

Also, men are never prepared psychologically that their women might at some point cheat, or try cheating. It’s the confidence that beats me! Because why would you think that a woman you met in adulthood, would do you and you alone? That she can never look at another man and find him attractive and develop feelings for him? Come on, Jeremiah, just the way you admire other women out there, who are definitely other men’s women, yours is no exception – she is also admired!

To a man, his woman is his and no other man should touch her, much as he is busy being touchy out there. Because at least every woman is someone’s and especially if and when you have yours at home, the one you self picked and made yours. Why would you be busy laying pipe where you aren’t contracted to? No excuse is enough reason to a man for his woman to sleep with another man. There are those who forgive, have forgiven and they live happily ever after with their women. Then there those ones that regard cheating as the ultimate relationship breaker.

The day our brothers, husbands and boyfriends will make peace with the fact that their women might at some point find someone more attractive than them, forgiving infidelity will never be such a big deal. It won’t be regarded as a weakness. They will easily talk about it and forgive then wait for another cheating episode and forgive again.



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In a colourful event attended by hundreds of South Sudanese community members in Eldoret, The South Sudanese women group known as Queens of Unity, on 24/10/2022 officially launched their community-based organization, self-help group. 

Several community leaders and representatives from all over Kenya, Uganda, South Sudan, Australia, Canada, and the USA   converged to witness the launching of their organization with many people advising them to work for the unity of the people of South Sudan, as mothers & women have a central role to play in the pacification of conflict or ethnic divide, that is currently ravishing South Sudan.

At the event, the organizational official logo and emblems were also officially availed.

The document seen and obtained by The juba mirror read that for the organization’s logo, Inspirations was centred on capturing the central themes of strength elegance royalty, and beauty associated with the noun Queen as well as how this organization’s members embody themselves in their community development as unity queens, and community rebuilding agents that will advocate for the upholding of the good values our South Sudan Culture have to offer.

Further, the organization founding members stated they intend to be peace and unity anchors in the community in Eldoret beyond South Sudan as organizational members’ ethos preaches the gentle and peaceful embrace of all members of our community, a central reference the group members wanted to pass was their logos symbolic message that can be seen in the middle of the dove wings which is a blossoming bloom of flower with hearts emitting from it, as they intend to be the points where love unity and prosperity grow and emits from as it extends to the wider South Sudanese communities.

Nature of the organization 

The organization is a non-governmental women’s self-help group that functions as a community-based organization in the jurisdiction its official branches will be operated at. 

At the launch, it was also stated that the main objectives are to form a united body of South Sudanese women to assist and support each other to thrive wherever possible and identify enhance and employ the various skills knowledge, and connections this group members have gained to be positive community builders who encourage productive practice and dissemination of peaceful coexistence in the communities.

The group also will promote and advance the education, information, and general empowerment of these group members to enable their understanding practice, and appreciation of the diverse South Sudanese cultures arts, and customs, and the roles that enterprise and peace play in development.

Queens of unity distinguishes itself from other women’s groups in the area as the most diverse and well-organized South Sudanese women’s self-help groupings in Kenya and wishes to be the model South Sudanese women’s self-help group in the coming year that will have at its core the enhancement, practice observation and maintenance of positive South Sudanese cultural values & enable members showcasing of these in all relevant local and international spaces. 

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Pic of Promoter K2 being interrogated by police over alleged trafficked babies emerges online



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A pic of Koryom Awet being interrogated by Ugandan police has emerged online even after he publicly denied that he was arrested or questioned by Ugandan police over child trafficking saga.

Yesterday, Koryom popularly know to many as K2 took to his page to dispute media reports that he was arrested over alleged human trafficking by his sister and businesswoman Achai Wiir.

“Please disregard these allegations from idle-minded people. To me, their stories don’t deduct and add any value to my life. Please keep indirectly adding ladders to my success. To those who consume your fabricated stories with excitement, it’s also healthy. It’s keeping most of us busy sharing, commenting and talking. Time consuming under this Juba heat,” K2 post reads.

Uganda’s Newspaper Daily Vision has also released images of allegedly trafficked babies from South Sudan to Uganda. The police has placed the eight children at children’s home in Kampala, Uganda.

In the pics, attached below, the babies include babies who can’t even sit upright, leaving many people to question Achai Wiir’s intention of taking such small babies to Uganda away from their moms.

This week, Uganda’s Newspaper reported that Ugandan police have asked their Juba’s counterpart to arrest Achai Wiir over alleged human trafficking involving babies as young as 12 months.

Our efforts to reach both Achai Wiir and K2 for comment were futile.


Via Hotinjuba

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