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BEAUTY WITH BRAIN: Meet Juliet Yaiya, an orphan who defied all the odds to become high court lawyer

Ten years ago, Juliet Yaiya, an orphan never would have believed that her dreams of becoming a lawyer were within reach after losing her parents to a plane crash. Because of determination and support from family members and friends, she graduates law school this month to become a lawyer and advocate at Kenyan High Court.

Juliet Yaiya Mangok Kuot, a Mount Kenya University School of Law graduate, has passed her bar exams in Nairobi at the Kenya School of law.

Juliet’s training at Kenyan High Court will enable her to deliver services at South Sudan’s high court, achievement she is celebrating today as she has finally sealed her future as a lawyer.

A daughter of late freedom fighters John Mangok Kuot and Teresa Anyang Dimo Aleu, Juliet is excited to follow in her parents’ humanitarian and educational traditions.

Juliet is excited to work alongside her elder sister who is also a lawyer.

“She is joining with her older sister Jackeline Akuot Mangok to practice commercial, criminal, and human rights law in Juba and Nairobi,” source close Juliet told HIJ.

Juliet is grateful to her husband, Barnaba Bol Nyuol, who serves South Sudan at its embassy in Nairobi as one of the diplomats, and to their three sons, Joc, Nyuol, and Yac, for her support received at home while pursuing her studies.

Juliet wants to bring her new accomplishment to South Sudan where her services are much needed.

You can connect with Juliet at:
facebook: lexy yaiya mangok kuot

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