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By Ajok Ngong Ayuen

As a young lady/gentleman please!! Be mindful when choosing a friend, friends have great impact. You were brought to the world for purpose and a bad friend will destroy your future and the good one will change your life positively.

Joining friends who claim to be knowing more about life is a big risk. Those types of friends what they know is to enjoy life and they are hopeless. They don’t concentrate on their future,no plans ,no school ….what they know is to go to club and fight each other for no reason.

Some people will make friendship with you not because they like to be friends with you but when they hear everyone praising you and you are always use as an example to them that be like so and so. Such friends want you to join their group so that you will be like them

As a married woman,be mindful of whoever you make friendship with. A friend who always compare your husband with her husband, your house with her house, what her husband is giving her monthly with what your husband is giving u monthly etc . Such friends are not good friends.

What will always come to your is to abuse him of not providing what Mr. X is providing to his wife and after that you will think about other man who will all those things and leave your husband hence negative impact of friends.

A friend who always advice, convince you to go back to your house whenever you have problems with either your husband/wife or in-laws is a good friend but not that friend who pour petrol on  whenever you have problems…..every house has it’s problems

However,a good friend will change your life positively.A good friend will never support your negative ideas,what he/she does is to discourage you from doing it and show you the right directions.

As a parent,you need to know your daughter’s/son’s friends by inviting them to your house to know the nature of friends they have. After that you will either discourage or encourage them to either continue or discontinue with their friendship. By do that,you will help you children to achieve what you want to achieve.

Choose a friend who can make you happy,a friend who can help you to solve your problems, a friend who can stand with you,a friend who never concentrate on negative things,a God fearing friend,a friend who have similar characters with you,a friend who have plans and dreams,a friend who is agent of change and God will help you to achieve everything you want. Remember God help those who help themselves.

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