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Baidit Payam vs Dor Payam: a tremendous showdown!

Baidit Payam vs Dor Payam: a tremendous showdown!

By Dr. Sunday de John

Dor is one of the Payams of Awerial County of Lakes State and Baidit is one of the Payams of Bor South County of Jonglei State. In simple expression, it is Hon. Denay Chagor vs Gen. Rin Tueny. Mind you, Rin like Sunday de John is an avid wrestler and Denay must be troubled.

Notwithstanding, the youth from the two areas are going to face off in a traditional wrestling today.

The Akuei of Mangar Nhial had for time immemorial shown zeal. History tells us that these people can manage to overcome hurdles and that they had managed to thrive under harsh circumstances including their huge contribution in the fight against the Whitman with only their spears while the white colonizers were well armed.

They subsequently endured punitive measures including penalties and blood compensation of the white they murdered. They lost cows and thank God the white colonizers that were based in Mongalla later used the money obtained from the sell of cows to construct J1. Story for another day.

Back to the wrestling, their today’s match has fixed them against a robust team from Baidit. The team from Baidit has vivid memories on how they capitalized and demolished the strongest side of Puluk. They Baidit youth are still enjoying the rewards of their recent win at Mingkaman, especially their win against powerful Choc Ajuong who had just demolished skilled, keen and powerful Gongic Achiek Nai. To many, Dor would too be destroyed as Nairobi was warming up to cheer the Robust Baidit youth.

As a keen observer of what Baidit has been doing, I can say without remorse that their organizational level is high, they are experts in psychological warfare as most of their wrestlers are known to be cunning and Jong Thon topped the list in this arena. They also have strong wrestlers that usually go for a kill unless they are asked not to by coaches, the likes of Nhial Malueth, Kur Bol and Majur Ayuen.

Dor youth are being regarded as underdogs of the day and all odds are against them given Baidit’s recent records. However, I can as well say that Dor can thrive here. They are makers of history. They too are endowed with wrestlers that can impactfully stir the crowd. They have several artilleries including the Dodod and Abhor Achuei. The matters can not just be resolved with ease because the fall of the said guys is hard to come by unless by whisker.

While we wait for their action as a matter of time, I would like to caution Awerial youth and particularly the participants from Dor that they must disallow being disorganized. They must too be tactic and ruthless when necessary. They must deny those wrestlers whose objective is to pose a draw any participation.
The Koro I know is versatile but can commit mistakes with ease as he did when I brought them to Juba in 2011. Then he was young and possibly he has matured now and with his strength and guidance from the likes of Dengish Apuot and Majok Mading, he will not be shaken. Pan Nyengeer are a hard nut to crack. They don’t play with fire, they use it to burn the obstructing bushes. Aliap as always are a cornerstone.

Good luck Dor. Good luck Baidit. Play safe and promote harmony.

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