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Aweil inmate, jailed for impregnating girl, begs for help

An inmate at Aweil Prison in Northern Bahr el Ghazal State has asked Christians and well-wishers to pay his SSP50,000 fine and provide him with a cow in exchange for his release.

Kiir Ngong was sentenced to two years’ imprisonment in 2021 after being found guilty of impregnating a lady. He failed to raise SSP50,000 and a cow, as was ruled by a local court.

Speaking to the media in Aweil over the weekend, Ngong said his family could not afford to pay the fine and provide the cow to assure his freedom, hence forcing him to appeal to the well-wishers to assist him.

“I wanted to tell you, my fellow Christians, to help me and pay SSP50,000 and the cow so that I can go out and start to work for my country in 2023,” said Ngong.

 “I can help do something good for my country,” he added.  

According to Ngong, the parents of the girl whom he impregnated wanted him to pay the fines and the cow, but his family cannot manage to raise these.

“I impregnated a lady, and we agreed that she should be my wife, only that I do not have resources. “After that, I was put in prison, where I am today,” he said. 

“I apologise for the mistake I made, but please help me pay these so that I can go out free,” he appealed.

He said the girls’ parents had given him a grace period to pay the money, but he delayed, prompting his jail sentence.

“My in-laws are good people; they just need me to pay SS 50,000 and one cow only that my parents do not have,” he lamented.  

Ngong promised to change, saying that he was “tempted by the devil” and he would not repeat the act.

Sources from the prison revealed to The City Review that Ngong has transformed and uses his time to preach to the inmates in Aweil prison.

He called on the government to improve the welfare of the prisoners.

Ngong appealed to the government to construct more facilities for the inmates to ease congestion.


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