Attacking General Moses Lokujo “narrowly survived” in Kajo-Keji battles

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Latest reports from Kajo-Keji allege that a senior military officer of the SPLA in Opposition who defected recently from Kajo-Keji and mobilized offensives against the SPLA-IO forces has narrowly survived during the offensives he commanded this morning.

Soldiers of SPLAIO holding up their guns during a parade in a rebels’ held territory of South Sudan(Photo: file)

According to the SPLA-IO sources in Kajo-Keji, Maj. Gen. Moses Lokujo Gabriel led offensives this morning around 6am; however, his forces were defeated and pursued in disarray.

“This morning, following his defection to the Juba regime and immediate return to Liwolo area from Juba, and in order to please his newfound masters at J1, Moses Lokujo, former Division 2B Commander, launched and personally commanded an attack on SPLA (IO) forces at Andezo and Bori areas in Kerwa Boma of Liwolo Payam, Kajo–Keji County of Central Equatoria State.” Said a senior official of the SPLA-IO who did not consent to be mentioned in the report citing the sensitivity of the case.

“The SPLA (IO), in response, pursued and flushed Lokujo’s elements out of the Andezo and Bori areas.” He continued.

In his response to his sentiments, the SPLA-IO Deputy Spokesman admit that the Lokujo forces wre flushed out of Andezo but he said their forces did not advance to Bori.

According to the SPLA-IO sources,Gen. Lokujo and a few others ran towards the SSPDF base at Sonkare as the majority of his forces crossed into Uganda.

“While a few ran towards the SSPDF base at Sokare, a majority crossed as refugees to Mijale Sub-County of Yumbe District in the Republic of Uganda.” Said the SPLA-IO forces.

“Moses Lokujo himself survived narrowly. Further details to follow.” He continued

Responding to the reports, the SPLA-IO Deputy Spokesman, Col. Lam Paul Gabriel, confirmed the incident and said their forces were warned in advance.

“This morning the 28/09/2020, at about 6:00AM, the SPLA-IO reconnaissance unit along Kajo Keji-Morobo road was attacked by forces loyal to Maj. Gen. Moses Lokujo who defected to the SSPDF.” Col. Lam Paul Gabriel announced to the media.

Lam said while anticipating the attacks their forces organized themselves in readiness of any eventuality.

This reconnaissance unit was deployed after Lokujo gave four (4) days ultimatum to the SPLA-IO forces in Kajo Keji to vacate Morota Unified Training Centre and Kajo Keji area or face his current combined forces.” Col. Lam said.

The SPLA-IO therefore calls on JMCC, JDB and CTSAMVM to intervene before the situation further escalates.

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