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At least 2 killed in Rumbek North cattle raid

RUMBEK NORTH – 10 JAN 2023. Police authorities in Rumbek North county of Lakes State said at least two people were killed during clashes between cattle raiders and owners there.

The chief inspector of police in Rumbek North county, James Nak, told Radio Tamazuj on Tuesday that the raiders allegedly from the Luacjang community of neighboring Tonj East County of Warrap State clashed with the Pakam community in Rumbek North while they were guarding their cattle in Toch-wetland on Saturday.

Nak said the cattle owners managed to recover the raided cattle after fierce clashes.

“The Pakam cattle owners have lost two people, but I didn’t get their full names. On the Luacjang side, there’s one person reported to have been killed, but it’s not clear,” he said.

“What is happening between Luacjang and Pakam communities is just cattle theft. There are no large-scale clashes,” he added.

The police official said he directed the county CID police to visit the scene of the clashes to ascertain the extent and losses incurred.

Attempts to reach Tonj East county authorities for comments were futile.

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