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Assassin allegedly bribed by Vice President Taban to kill Tutkew unearths evidence as he finds his life at stake

Assassin allegedly bribed by Vice President Taban to kill Tutkew unearths evidence as he finds his life at stake



December 20,2021—An assassin who was caught red handed by members of National Security after failing to hit one of his targets, whom he was bribed to kill, has revealed names of those who sent him and members of his hit squad who are working to eliminate senior politicians that include the Presidential Advisor on Security, Lt. Gen. Tut Gatluak Manime.


According to a voice recording extended to Nyamilepedia, the assasin who identified himself as “Gatluak” said he was paid $ 5,000.00 US Dollar to eliminate president Kiir’s right hand man, Hon. Tutkew and others.

Speaking in Nuer language, while being serially tortured, Gatluak said he was paid enough by Vice President for Infrastructure Cluster Gen. Taban Deng Gai to hit Tut Gatluak and Gen. Manyoat Nyatutroah in disguise for an accidental car accident.

In the recorded audio leaked to Nyamilepedia, Gatluak was being tortured by security guards of Tutkew Gatluak after he failed to accomplish the mission where he admitted that it was Gen. Taban Deng that ordered him to get rid of Tut Gatluak.

” I was sent by Taban Deng Gai, he told me that he doesn’t like Tutkew and Manyoat, therefore he gave me 5,000 USD$ as bribery to hit them with car, now 5,000 USD is in bank”, Gatluak revealed during an investigation.

Gatluak begged the investigating officers not to torture him while revealing the truth and those who asked him to execute this act.

“Please don’t beat me, I will tell you, you know Taban is a very dangerous man, don’t tell him that you got this information from me”, Gatluak lamented.

“Taban is very bad man, and I will be thinking what he did all the times, it’s very unfortunate for man to kill his people”, Gatluak who was bribed emphasized.

Gatluak narrated that Taban bribed him on November 27, last month, and pleaded that he will cooperate to reveal all the information including a tape recording of his conversation with Taban if the guards will spare his life.

When asked of whether there are other accomplices with Gen. Taban in the conspiracy to kill Tut and Manyuat , Gatluak said Taban is working closely with members of national security that include Col. Gattot Gai and Top Nyarew. He went on to mention a few others names.

Gatluak admitted his fault and takes blames for accepting bribes to assassinate his fellow Nuer men as the directive of another Nuer man.

“We Nuer are finished, please don’t kill me. I will tell you everything.”

The torture went on for a lengthy amount of time and Nyamilepedia could not verify the information being revealed by the self-proclaimed victim, Gatluak.




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