Analysis: South Sudan Slips Into Individuals’ Hands

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Analysis: South Sudan Slips Into Individuals’ Hands


By Compatriot Bramatali Wani Lo-Lipo Lo-Lisi

Perhaps, the “opposition” posture can illustrate healthier. It is based on an anticipated navel altar. The new thesis supplants the known old thesis – the status quo in decay or antithesis. So, the opponent commits to lucid synthesis; thus, by intent turns the antithesis into a transcendent thesis that comes to be the solo matchless idea in the State. South Sudan People’s Liberation Army/Movement – in Opposition (SPLA/M – IO) is the choice for the clarity.

Dynastic arrangement and personality-cult launch prove unbridled sprouts in the South Sudan political landscape so far. If the opposition cannot, as citizens, we merit checking the rampant offshoots with diligence apropos. For instance, the hoi polloi may be ignorant; they built varied personality cults in the Country over the eons. Their own creatures spun demigods smashed them in the end. No doubt, South Sudan is in dire ferocity, incomparable wretchedness worse than death and cyclical underdevelopment until then. Thus far, I may enjoy prolonged comfort-zone to assert the SPLM as well as the opponent SPLA/M – IO – though one clone-tree – exhibit dynastic arrangement. For that reason, the replica is prone to crumbling; it is being fragmented; it is disintegrating – it is doing so stunningly fast!

I’m irresistibly persuaded that any genuine opposition – organization or individual – in South Sudan (SSD) should learn tough lessons sometimes the harshest way in the present juncture. The unending incidents in the SPLA/M – IO clone offer such an educational root. For example, the SPLA/M – IO dynastic arrangement may be one of the primary sparks that produced the other splinter duplicate, dubbed Kit Gwang Declaration spearheaded by General Simon Gatwich Dual. The suitable nomenclature for such a dynastic arrangement is Kuma Kan Dynasty. To contextualize, Riek Machar Teny married Anjelina Teny, the daughter of Kuma Kan whose youngest son is Jal Kuma Thomas. Thomas is the Euro-alien name of Kuma Kan. Added; Taban Deŋ Gai is the nephew of Kuma Kan. Vital ties, aren’t they?

Somehow, Kuma Thomas Kan bonded the SPLA/M – IO. He attests the genetic pillar, contested though. With assurance, Kuma glues the genetic copy edifice in the scandalous Revitalized – Transitional Government of National Unity (R – TGONU). Alike, R – TGONU is the product of the notorious Revitalized – Agreement on the Resolution of Conflict in South Sudan (R – ARCSS), 2018. To be precise, Kuma’s son-in-law is the First Vice President (FVP) of SSD; Kuma’s nephew is the Vice President of SSD; Kuma’s daughter is the Minister of Defense and Veterans’ Affairs of SSD; and Kuma’s youngest son is the Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIGP) for South Sudan Police Services (SSPS). In broad sense, there are other Kuma Kan’s body of nexuses in other national as well as subnational system-levels Countrywide. Does that not justify Kuma Kan’s dynastic arrangement as executed by the SPLA/M – IO, the supposed current ‘dominant opposition’ in the Country?

Apparently, it is vital to accurately isolate South Sudan’s political ontology for proper interpretation. The quarantine, as it were, will aid the course to discover the apt answer to the national dilemma that apparently has eluded us for quite long. I trust it is class struggle not tribalism, which perhaps is only used to further cloud the national quandary. This is not to deny the presence of Tribalism, one source of our national threat.

In any case, class-struggle knows or has no color, no size, no tribe, no brother, and no sister. It proves decipherable, in the ambit of induction technique, class struggle in our Country has been camouflaged as tribal-fight exacerbated. It is untrue to think our diverse tribes lack the ability of rational reason and knowhow to end the incessant tribal or communal ferocities. After all, at best, such tribalized or sectarian violence are environmental pollution caused by the class struggles. The individual within the in-group of any class struggle is a sheer bloodsucker or brute of viper who manipulates the tribe to achieve calculated interests. The ongoing latest brutality pitting Azande against Balanda in Western Equatoria State (WES), as numerous others throughout South Sudan, is a perfect illustration of how class struggles achieve their calculated targets.

Tribalism or Ethnicity posits enormous peril in South Sudan hitherto. Reasonably, Tribalism thrives within a phobic-competitive-environment, which usually shocks the tribalist-vector (or carrier) or the host. In essence, aggregate tribalism or ethnicity dovetail with our current governance style – decreecratic or decreetocratic Political-Post-Poachism – is a psychological situation easily countered by civic-immunity. When tribalism or ethnicity persists, it manifests many deviant outcomes including domination that is bad interest pursuant to the ethos of public-spirit. Normally, the citizenry resist negative-interest at all cost since it endangers envisaged national interest mutually beneficial to all without regard. The hoi polloi have the innate duty to decisively fight and totally eliminate the hazardous tribal or ethnic output plus related outcomes. Smart national execution of well thought-out socialization or resocialization scheme can achieve balanced consciousness and political civility Country over. After all, competition or sportsmanship elicits necessary healthy life to any human being but only the tribalist-vector whose body-homeostasis will be topsy-turvy.

In fact, domination features are unjust in the eyes of the representative international system-levels and they trigger the Kaplanian form of “pathological international-actor behaviour”. In that case, some international actors either support the domestic people’s resistance or the agenda of the national actor provoking varied distributive consequences. Are Uganda that attempts to grab SSD lands including ’Bi’biya and Elegu; and Kenya, which is equally endeavoring to snatch South Sudan territory of Nadapal and Nako’dok, deviant international actors? Unfortunately, the national actor to some extent ignores the intercourse with other perceivable deviant national actors and may dictatorially choose to depend on its own domestic needs thus heightening domestic domination. Think about South Sudan polity that proves internally excessively repressive: does it symbolize tribalist national despot tinsel happy with decrees through which deleterious hegemony is met against the citizenry?

In retrospect, class struggles masquerade as the flamboyant utmost defenders of their own tribe’s interests. They are audacious and possess the propensity to go any length to exclude, jail, and torcher, maim and murder their own kith-of-kin anywhere anytime. Class struggle is devoid of any positive common-attribute – it is dearth of patriotism or nationalism. Its central focus and interest starts and stops with resources, property and wealth. Its proponents and practitioners, in a stiff-necked manner, control and use others as tools to exploit and amass boundlessly this principal concentration. No doubt a select group of individuals have nonstop and excessively benefited from the national resources, property and wealth especially beginning from the New Sudan through the South Sudan hitherto. They have looted and are plundering South Sudan’s common-wealth moreover at the total expense of the other twelve plus million citizenry. The one million dollar question is: what obvious inference(s) can one pull out from the preceding logical sequence of anecdote?

In the short run the citizens must move away from the erroneous mindset or invalid mentality of tribalization as a unit of analysis of our real social South Sudan as it is. We should assess each individual actor on his/her own concentration not tribal classification. It is not the tribe of citizen “X”; rather, “X” who ideated, chose and implemented the act. In the long run we in honest solidarity should systematically appreciate and consolidate a valuable political culture preferably participant-political-culture Countrywide. The legitimate government made up of selfless actors has a primary duty: painstakingly execute a continuous and an ingenious socialization/resocialization project in each and every expanse of the Country. The consequent nascent hoi polloi will ably perform the act of candid vigilant vanguards. In the final analysis, the masses will strictly keep at check any extra evolution of personality-cult and dynastic arrangement traits in the State of South Sudan anytime then onwards.

Furthermore, it appears plausible genuine wisdom will emancipate the people from the bifurcate dilemma of personality-cultism and dynastic-ism South Sudan is mired in yet. The wisdom is either innate or acquired from native/indigenous- or the styled ‘modern’- system. Whatever – the mantra is frank astuteness! So, each and every process of statecraft shall ground on meritocracy. Without a doubt, fortified with erudition, the populace will avoid classifying people on tribal origin but on struggle taxonomy. Again, imbued with truthful sense, the hoi polloi will become straightforward revolutionists who will be authentic human ceaselessly opposed to instrumental intentions where one thing is propagated and another stark opposite is done.

By extrapolating rationality, the true revolutionaries would meditate not imitate. Hence, they would view resources, property and wealth as their empowering spirituality. Eventually, actors would seek aforementioned concentration solely to aid the cause and course of emancipation of humans and humanity not only nationally but also globally. With sincere wisdom, the people would radiate original vision that in reality is never imitated by anyone. Somehow, the people will stay on the right pathway. Beware, just as you didn’t create the circumstance; you can’t change it. In all conscience, if you joined a condition you did not participate in founding; you become like a leaf that while dropping from a tree can be blown any direction.

The united corpus of hoi polloi must strictly guard against any vice lest South Sudan slips into individuals’ hands. Remember, the destiny of South Sudan is in the hands of her conscious citizens who must exert measured effort to diminish and entirely reject the dichotomous personality-cult and dynastic arrangement ubiquitous in South Sudan hitherto. Stay truthful to shared principles of honest revolution and proper statecraft. As for the Human being, his/her destiny is the soil, which is the most important lifespan reality. Be mindful of a celebratory legacy as the unassailable guiding star. On that note, while breathing and before entry to the soil, he/she must ascertain his/her spirit stays above the soil or the grave.

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