An Open letter to President Gen Salva Kiir Mayardit.

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By. John Jur Chol

Dear: Mr President.

Greetings in the name of mighty S.P.L.M. at this critical time of the pandemic outbreak and this time of the R-Arciss implementation where service to the public is needed. I Hope this short letter find you in peace.

Your excellence,
It has been so long since the citizens anticipates changes in the R-TGONU Ministry of Information, telecommunications and postal service because of the following reasons.

First of all, it is believed that the new broom sweep much better more than the new one and for this matter, we thanks Hon. Michael Makuei for the services he rendered to us the citizens of South Sudan and SPLM for the past several years in that ministry.

Secondly, I hope you may be aware that Hon. Lueth, is having no programs currently at hand and the last option for him is to collide you with the citizens and the proof is the usual announcement of the unapproved or unauthorized cabinet resolutions, coupled with the usual utterances of some words like [‘Whether you like or Not’, “we are not having any tear gas other than the live bullet” and many more hate speeches which are against R-Arciss supreme document] (emphasis is yours on that) when you clearly know Mr. President that, Government is the contract given by the citizens to the politicians through election. Now what may comes into your mind when the citizens lost hope in their Joshua because of some cabinet ministers like Hon. Lueth working for their personal will? We are very optimistic that, now is the time to reverse the gear before the end of the transitional period.

Your excellence, the ministry of information has been turned into a community if not one state ministry and the reference is your previous decree firing two undersecretaries who held from one state with makuei, now what comes to mind if the minister, two undersecretaries, and good number of directors plus director generals held from one state or one area, the simple results will be underperformance in the ministry.

Thirdly, Your excellence.
The telecommunications sector where mobile networks operates is looting the citizens by almost quarterly increase of tariff making ours the most expensive tariff in the region in the name of the lack or increase of dollar in the black market which of course is untrue because big companies like mobile operating companies exchange their money in central bank at a standard rate of 17 ssp per one U.S.dollar .

Your excellence,
It’s not too late, the time is now for you to reverse the gear and appoints an active youthful youth like Hon. Dr. Akol Paul Kordit to come and help you at this critical time when citizens needs him the most and complete the remaining time of this transition which needs competent people like Akol to tackle the opposition parties in the decision making process of the cabinet.

And thanks in anticipation.

Yours in struggle.
John Jur Chol
4th year medical student at the University of Juba. He can also be reach via:
Email: johnjur95@gmail
WhatsApp: +211925555883

Disclaimer: the views expressed herein do not represent the institution where I am studying nor my workplace, they are solely my own views.

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