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An anonymous Sources exposed 15 employees of NILEPET who are crusading corruptions. and impunity in oil Company .

The Well-known Most Greedy Dinka Saboteurs In Oil Sector Are Collectively Sabotaging Reform Agenda To Maintain the Status Quo of Their Dominance

Some groups of Employees of NILEPET and other oil companies (JOCs) are directly engaged in tribal political games of fighting NILEPET’s new MD Eng. Bernard Amour Makeny, the former General Manager in DPOC and GPOC too.

From within 3 groups, below are some full names of 15 employees who are sending articles to Sixty Four (64) Tribes, Junub Sudan Press and WhatsApp groups attacking NILEPET’s new MD Eng. Bernard Makeny;

  1. Dr. Samuel Biem Deng Akuei is employed in NILEPET as Section Head for HSE.
  2. Undercover Brigadier General Ayuel Akoc Malek, Vice President of Dar Petroleum.
  3. 1st Lt. of Tiger Division Dut Lual Anei is employed as Director in the NILEPET Department of General Services.
  4. NSS Captain Ring Deng Ajing is employed in the Retail Department of NILEPET.
  5. Thon Kuir employed NILEPET Downstream.
  6. Emmanuel Majok Akuecbeny is employed in the NILEPET Department of HR.
  7. Maluth Juac Wer is employed in NILEPET as a junior staff.
  8. Eng. Koc Maduk Dau former Director in the Officer of Dr. Chol Deng and now deployed elsewhere.
  9. John Saber Marial is employed as senior staff in NILEPET.
  10. Stephen Abraham Mathiang was employed as Section Head in the NILEPET Department of General Service.
  11. Peter Dhal Makam is employed in NILEPET as a staff in Jebel depot.
  12. Kon Monykuany is employed as a Director of the SNP subsidiary of NILEPET.
  13. Ador Thon Maketh a junior staff in NILEPET.
  14. Dr. Benjamin Bang Bang, a veterinary doctor employed as Section Head of HSE in SIPET a subsidiary of NILEPET.
  15. Brigadier General Francis Wuor Agaw from MI and employed to NILE PET. Gen. Francis Wuor has been stealing money through Dr. Chol’s devious contract of millions, with the fake contract of building schools in Akoka, but he delivered nothing to the area.

Some of the above-mentioned 15 employees are using Sixty Four (64) Tribes while others are using Junub Sudan Press and WhatsApp groups to spread or circulate false information they are collaboratively manufacturing fake news/allegations against new MD Eng. Bernard Makeny and other senior officials have been advocating for reforms that can promote NILEPET and improve the welfare of workers and services in the oil sector. If you have been reading fake news being published by the above-mentioned two Facebook Pages, you can see some names of other senior officials being attacked alongside new MD Eng. Bernard Makeny.

The administrator(s) of the 64 Tribes Facebook page does not have any grudges against the new MD Eng. Bernard Amour, 64 Tribes Facebook page is unwilling to fight the new MD because they love how he started the reform agenda in the oil sector but some blind loyalists of former MD Dr. Chol Deng are blackmailing the administrator(s) that if they don’t post their articles against new MD then they can expose them to the public since they had in the past used them to blackmail the public in favor of Dr. Chol on many issues in numerous occasions as such they can fall victims if they don’t cooperate. Therefore there is no need to blame the administrator(s) for posting false allegations against the new MD of NILEPET



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