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Amputated little boy in viral cattle camp photos gets enrolled in school

Amputated little boy in viral cattle camp photos gets enrolled in school




Mayom, the amputated little boy whose photos while tending cattle went viral in May has finally been enrolled in school in Juba.

According to Majok Makur who discovered the kid, little Mayom has started schooling today in Juba.

Elated Majok took to social media to thank Youth Minister Albino Bol and others who helped in the realisation of the little boy’s dream.

“Permit me to express my heartfelt gratitude to little man Mayom for being committed to follow his rightful path. Education is your future.

“My heartfelt and sincere appreciations to Hon. Dr Albino Bol for everything. My gratitude to Little brother Makuei Chiech Ajok,my rightful man Malith Muou Adhor Diit for everything.

We wish you the best in your academic journey little Man. Our support is paramount. May almighty bless your path.” Majok posted on Facebook.

Little boy reportedly lost one of his legs after he was shot following a cattle raid at his cattle camp in Jonglei.

In May, Majok Makur first posted his pictures on Facebook and they were instantly viral with many social media users calling on well-wishers to help remove the kid from cattle camp and get him enrolled in school.

His pictures then caught attention of the youth minister Albino Bol who asked to meet the kid in his office and promised to support his education.


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