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By; Dr Akot Makur Maluac

With much happiness and celebrations,the people of South Sudan welcomed the newest Nation in the world. Many people waved flags as the South’s flag was hoisted high among many flags of the world’s Nations on 9th July,2011, marking the historic moment of formal independence from the former civil war enemies in the north. Lovers embraced themselves as the new Anthem was sung for the first time Replacing war songs for encouragement and determination.



“Today is the most important day for the people of South Sudan,the proclamation of whose birth and emergence as a member of the community of World’s Nations you have just witnessed”. Said president Salva Kiir Mayardit in front of a large crowd. “It is a day that we will forever engraved in our hearts and minds….we have waited 56 years for this day to come. It is a dream that has come true”.

It’s now been 10 years since South Sudan gained her independence. Most ironically,there is a slight change of the education system and environment but are we certain of the country’s civilian and economic securities? This is the biggest question that leaves all of us silent and Wondering. With the country returning back to it’s parties of wars and misunderstandings just after three years of Independence, things were never the same as we started. Lives began to fade, economy rising beyond human capacity, security depreciating the trained leading to human “races for safety”. The war that left a scar on people and the economy has been repeatedly done probably in 2013 and 2016 respectively and likely it will again result if the rules and articles of R-TGONU are not followed well by both conflicting parties.

Many agreements have been signed since 2013, reshuffling has been done,change of government to government, person to person; but still economy fades, security fades,lives threatened, tribalism is at it’s highest peak,many people entering politics with low mindsets to Development and ethnicity.
But,there is one thing we are all forgetting. *That we in the South Sudan should be given our rights as equal citizens; rights to Education and better lives* Many people took arms to Pace way for their children,women fought endlessly,our country lost millions of lives; and here we are today, almost repeating the past.

Was this the South Sudan we all dreamt and fought for?
To be always worried if you will wake up tomorrow?
To be worried of what to eat in the evening?
To be afraid of crossing to the other State?

The South Sudan that we all dreamt and fought for should be; politically stable with it’s citizens having free access to Education, freedom to speak,to play and to sing songs of happiness and past sorrows, freedom of the economy and land movements,free from ethnicity and individual hatreds, freedom to work. We should allow our citizens to work first before we make foreigners own our resources,just like we have put out flag high; that’s how we should do to our citizens.

A dream South Sudan should freely be accessible to all it’s citizens and explore every resource because it’s their right to know their resources; foreigners have no rights to explore our resources. Citizens should collaborate with the government and make South Sudan a better place to live in for our generations to come.

God Bless South Sudan.

Images|Courtesy|Hamstar media
Dr Akot Makur Maluac |.


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