After finding the young hawker in viral photo, Nelson Kwaje who took the first picture visited James’ family at their humble home.

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He had this to say:

James, having seen the photo on social media for the past few days, they had come to know that it was a big thing but they did not know who took the pic or who the hawker boy is.

James on the other hand had been totally in the dark, he is not on social media and had only seen a hard copy of the photo in the hand of the guy who found him.

He did not know these strangers were so happy to see him anyway.

Up on meeting him they all rushed to talk to him

We brought the boys to our office and had a roundtable discussion about education, inequalities and equality opportunity in life. They were happy to meet James and hear Jo’s story. James spoke very few words and only answered questions when asked.

James is a breadwinner in his family of three, he works all the days of the week save for Sunday. His work day starts at 10AM and ends at 5PM, he covers a distance of no less than 20 kilometres in his daily walk, carrying a load of 5 to 6 KG. He takes one meal during a work day and buys some local cold drinks when possible. On a good day James makes 5000 SSP (10$) and 2000 SSP (4$) on a bad day. James is a man of few words, I think it was because he was overwhelmed with our presence, I have a feeling that he speaks more words when selling

In the pictures is Mary, James’ grandmother. We visited her house and had a chat with her. Her story is full of sadness and resilience

Also in the pics is where James, the mother and two siblings live. That is the house.


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