After 42 days of lockdown, you deserve great sex

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After 42 days of lockdown, you deserve great sex

If you think your beauty will do the work between the sheets, you’re in love alone
Last evening, the president decided that your starving days are over. After partially opening up, one can now officially have their sex delivered to him, or it can drive to their place.

After starving for 42 days, you deserve some awesome sex today. You deserve legit orgasm with veins, moans, wetness and hard-ons involved. You deserve a good lay.

Before you step out of that cage, make sure that you are well shaven and ready for eating. Shave all the places that need to be shaved.

No rule says shaving is strictly for women and that men can show up as they are. Shaving is not an option for men. When that hair is rubbing on shaved choochkie, it cuts, and it is not sweet pain.

Make sure that you are delivering clean-shaven goods ready to be sucked and done in all different ways. 42 days is a long time. No one has time to shave you first.

I know that you have been talking on phone day in, day out. And all types of things were promised, but before you pack a bag preparing to leave their place Monday morning as you go to the office, confirm one more time if he wants you to spend a night.

They might have promised things because of the lockdown horn. So please confirm if they want you to spend the night. He might be planning to have you for lunch and having dinner delivered later.

I know that some of you are coming from real cages. You have been out of touch with the good life and the good things that come with it.

You are going to that place to be eaten. You are not going to catch up with the latest movies and gossip. Netflix should be background noise for all the moaning that will be going on.

Movies will be watched during the break. He would rather watch you wiggle your waist for now. It has been a while.

Do not stretch the pretence time. You know that time when both of you are pretending you are not about to use each other for pure pleasure? That one.

After 42 days, you have a maximum of 20 minutes before you start tearing clothes off. Get in there and do not mind how many rounds, but how hard your legs are shaking after every cum.

Before you plan on settling in, people have been planning on having a balanced diet. Today they will eat from the west, tomorrow from central and the next day from the north.

Therefore, any vests, knickers, wigs or anything you leave behind is subject to the trash can. Do not leave marks behind. You are going for a good lay, not a lifetime deal.

As far as sex appointments go, eat before you go to be eaten. I know we are coming from a lockdown, and you last ate pizza two years ago, but try and get something in your stomach because it is not a priority.

Lastly, I hope after 42 days, you are delivering a whole other kind of game. Let’s not pretend that you have not been engaging the internet for some videos. It is time for practice. Let it all out.

Till next time, let’s not count the first round after these 42 days. Don’t be surprised if it lasts a few seconds.

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