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Advocate detains in Yambio of W. Equatoria State for trying to organize protests


Advocate detains in Yambio of W. Equatoria State for trying to organize protests

Authorities in Western Equatoria State government have detained an advocate who is accused of trying to organize a demonstration over the weekend.

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In a statement extended to Thejubamirror news desk the state’s acting information minister, Makuku Daniel Joseph, said the arrest of Advocate Samuel Borote was decided by the state security council who want him to explain the reason for organizing an unauthorized demonstration.

Minister Daniel said, there is mobilization by the civil society coalition planning to hold a nationwide demonstrations and as a result of that the National Security Service (NSS) got that information and reported it to the state authorities.

“They (NSS) called the initiator of the demonstrations, Samuel Borote who is an advocate, to the office and detained him for further investigation.”, Minister Joseph told Radio Tamazuj.

According to Joseph, the state security committee sat down and decided that the National Security has to continue investigating him and after filing his report then the security committee will sit down, identify the findings and release him.

Minister Joseph also dismissed reports that the advocate was detained by the SPLA-IO forces saying he is held at the custody of the National Security Service.

“So those who went to social media saying that SPLM-IO arrested Borote are wrong. He is now in the custody of National Security,We know very well that the leadership of Western Equatoria is for SPLM/A-IO and if the government is deciding Western Equatoria, it is as the government. Let us stop baseless allegation because SPLM- IO is a party to the agreement and is part of the government.”,Joseph cautioned.



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