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Activist worries disagreements in states could create stability


A civil society activist is calling on some state government officials to work together despite their parties’ differences.

“I am urging state governors and state deputy governors that the implementation of the agreement is based on the values of consultation, and reaching consensus otherwise this issue of competing over decision-making in the state level may hinder the smooth implementation of the peace agreement,” said Edmund Yakani, the executive director of Community Progress for Progress Organization (CEPO).

Yakani, also a signatory to the revitalized peace agreement was responding to recent disagreements amongst some governors and their deputies in the states.

Observers say there is a brewing conflict over the designation of roles and responsibilities within the executive branch of some states.

Such incidents have occurred in Western Equatoria State and Western Bahr el Ghazal State, and now in Lakes State, where the governor and the deputy have expressed public disagreements.

On Thursday, President Salva Kiir also wrote a letter of disappointment in some governors and their deputies over how they are managing state affairs.

The president believes the top leadership at the state levels is not working in a collegial manner.

He cites poor cooperation and a high trust deficit between the governors and their deputies, and some senior officials.

Mr. Yakani says he is worried about the behaviors of officials in the states.

“I am worried that their behaviors may sometimes affect state stability because if the two principals in the state levels are now having tensions that may affect the stability of the state and the political process of implementing the agreement smoothly and genuinely.”

According to the revitalized peace agreement, decision-making in the government shall be in a spirit of collegial collaboration.

It also requires the state governments to consult and cooperate in the interest of peace and stability.

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