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Activist calls on the government to take Kuel Aguer Kuel to court

Activist calls on the government to take Kuel Aguer Kuel to court
Nicodemus Nguet Thiep an activist with the Pro Democracy for better South Sudan has called on the government to take the former caretaker governor of Northern Bahr el Ghazal State Kuel Aguer Kuel to court than keeping him in detention without charges made against him on his wrongdoing.
“There is nowhere in the Constitution where a citizen is arrested in his country and spend days in detention without due court proceedings,” Nicodemus said.
He says the national security services and police are not judges wheresoever, and also that they have no mandate to detain and imprison a person without court orders based on the Constitution of the land.
Nguet told Talk of Juba that he urges the government to follow the procedures of the law in treating the citizens of the country.
Kuel Aguer Kuel who is a Co-founder of the people’s Coalition for Civil Action (PCCA) was arrested in early August by the South Sudan National Security Service (NSS) and has remained in detention up-to-date without charges against him.
The group; People’s Coalition for Civil Action had called on the top SPLM leaders to resign from power.
The other group members including Abraham Akech Awolich and Rajab Mahandis are in hiding for the fear of being arrested by the security personnel.
“A government whose members don’t allow freedom of expression is a repressive regime embracing tyranny,” Nicodemus said
via  Talkofjuba


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