Accusations filed against me by VSS.

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Accusations filed against me by VSS.

By   Hon. Thiik Thiik Mayardit

In a letter dated 1’st June 2021, Veterans Security Services (VSS) accused my person of engaging in unwarranted and inappropriate interference in its management decision. The officials the letter was copied to are serving in senior level both in civilians and organized forces. The same letter was copied to members of diplomatic community accredited to the Republic of South Sudan.

VSS accusation against me comes from its labour disputes with its employees that turn violence on 1’st june, 2021.
My name was dragged into this saga for two principal reasons and it was done with intent to dodge responsibility of the issue at hand.
I am being crucified here for my previous advocacy for worker’s rights, which put me on collusion course with W.S Insight Company.
Another reason is my blood relations with the president, which the VSS is using to portray me as an influential peddler.

Further, by adding me to this disputes, VSS wants me to be the topic of discussion and not their exploitation of their workforce. Why accused me before this incident has been investigated by relevant authorities?
The rush to point accusing fingers at me proves that I am being scapegoated as a way of relegating worker rights to the bottom of the agenda.

VSS in the same letter went ahead to itemized the supposed benefits of their investment in South Sudan and their adhere to principles of rule of law that I supposedly contravened .
While foreign investment is the source of development World over, any investment anchored on patronage that benefits big people who offer an imagined protection with no direct contributions to company’s bottom-line does not its salt.
Genuine and successful companies invest in their employees, not in racket protection to silence workers.

Any investment whose sole aim is company’s bottom-line and protection money of Nas Kubar at the expenses of men and women whose company’s profit depend on is tantamount to servitude, something all South Sudanese must reject. For the rule of law, it goes both ways, the law protect all from adverse machinations, including wanton exploitation of humans by another human or even from the Company.

These are the principles I have championed across the board because I believe our people cannot progress if we permit and subject them to foreign exploitation.
Holding these views does not means I have incited the workers of VSS Security. This is far from the truth. The real issue is VSS failure to cater for its workers welfare, something all South Sudanese should be concern about.
I urge all members of public not to take the bait on this and remain vigilant on protection of worker rights.

Having clarified this, I am ready to take other available avenues, including legal action to clear my name.

Hon. Thiik Thiik Mayardit.
Deputy Mayor,
City of Juba.
Juba, South Sudan.




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