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A Sudan People's Liberation Army (SPLA) commander dons the new insignia of the 4th Division petroleum defense unit in Bentiu, Unity State, South Sudan on Friday, May 11, 2012. In late April, tensions between Sudan and South Sudan erupted into armed conflict along their poorly defined border. Thousands of SPLA forces have been deployed to Unity State where the two armies are at a tense stalemate around the state's expansive oil fields. Fighting between the armies lulled in early May after the U.N. Security Council ordered the countries to resume negotiations. South Sudan seceded from the Republic of Sudan in July 2011 following decades of civil war. (AP Photo/Pete Muller)

General Hakim is accused of locking up – 22-year-old school girl and travelled to Kampala for medical treatment.


JUBA – A South Sudan army commander of high rank has kidnapped a 22-year-old school girl in Northern Bahr el Ghazal state’s capital Aweil after the girl, as well as her family, refused to marry her, according to two close relatives.

One family member who refused to be named told Sudans Post in a phone call this morning that General Hakim Hadim, 62, had approached the family more than two months go to request their daughter, but was told by the family to first reach an understanding with the girl if he was to marry her.

“It is now two months a some weeks that General Hakim Hadim came to the family to request our daughter and he was told to return in three days’ time. The daughter was asked by the family but he rejected and he was right because he is a very old man and our daughter is studying at secondary school,” the family member who refused to be named said.

“When he returned, he was told that the family has no problem marry off their daughter to him but we told him that the daughter has refused to marry him and if he succeed in convincing the daughter to marry him, we don’t have any problem we will agree,” the family member added.

Another family member confirmed on condition of anonymity the issue and said instead for General Hakim to approach the girl in a ‘good’ manner,  he instead kidnapped her and locked her up in a compound guarded by his bodyguards and travelled to Kampala.

“Now he complicated everything and he has kidnapped our girl and we cannot call it elopement because this is kidnapping in all it’s forms and we condemn this unwelcome acts by the army member,” the family member said.

“He has now locked her up and travelled to Kampala las if she is a goat. We call on the government to interfere and bring this man to book,” the family member further concluded.


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