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Here are 6 mistakes men make in bed that cause them to become “3-minute men“:

1) Most men go hard too soon, oftentimes before the woman even gets into the bed, the man is already too excited and too hard that he winds up causing a mess too early! Control your nerves and be strategic dude!

2) Most men forget that every women is different. Just the fact that your Ex liked it a certain way, doesn’t mean every woman also likes it the same way. Be methodical—Learn, listen, and be cautious in your approach. Don’t just assume she is like your Ex and start going for the same stye, you’ll fail.

3) Most men increase the speed and add more pressure the moment they realized she is responding well to a certain move—WRONG! If she says “keep doing it” then just keep doing it, don’t apply more pressure or increase the speed, you would ruin everything. Be a good boy—just listen and stay the course.

4) Most men go silent during the action. Just because the woman goes silent doesn’t mean you should too. Keep talking to her in the middle of action—(e.g. keep telling her all the beautiful words you always wanted to tell her such as how warm and sweet she feels and how bad you wanted this to happen).

5) The biggest mistake men make is they expect the woman to tell a man or hint to him what she prefers and how she wants it done in bed—that is never going to happen. Once the woman has given you the green light, it’s your responsibility to figure out what needs to be done, dummy! Be a man and figure out what position needs to be adopted and for how long.

6) Reason #6 is the men’s greatest secret and its totally inappropriate to share on Facebook for women to read. Inbox me if you would like to learn about the great secret hidden in reason #6. Beware, I might charge hard currency for #6–its that important

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