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6  Point  Types of Junubin Men you CANNOT marry!

6  Point  Types of Junubin Men you CANNOT marry!

1. The broke bloke but look rich
Have you come across them, they look rich on streets but poor as a church mouse in reality!!
These kind of Junubin men are not suitable for marriage unless you want the responsibility to fall on your shoulders later on.

2. Mama’s Boy
Competing with her husband’s mum is a woman’s biggest nightmare. A lot of Junubin men are still mama’s babies and therefore make their mums priorities ahead of their wives. NEVER a good idea. No peace, no unity and in the end he will let you go. Avoid them

3. The Sad Ones
Have you encountered them, ever complaining and never happy. It’s either Salva Kiir, tribal complaints or anything that suits their agendas.
Marrying them makes you their next victim. Restraint from them.

4. Ancient Brains
Alright there a lot of Junubin men who think a woman they have married is their puppet and not a wife, a partner or soul mate. They treat her like a puppet and a simple example is those who marry village girls who are YES women. Avoid them!..

5. Those Influenced by Western Culture
Well, well there are a lot of them here in Junubin, who after seeing Chris Brown flatting with million women and dumping them, they want to do the same.
They do not take marriage seriously just like those they idolize. Marrying them is a risk because you can go from hero to zero in months.

6. Kampala Boys
Nothing against Kampala boys but the last time I was in Kampala, I learnt one thing and that’s Kampala boys have made playing with women a hobby. Men who have specialized in playing with women are not marriage materials. Their habit never gets old. Same applies to Juba boys.

CHOOSE YOUR MAN WISELY. Marriage is not a joke!

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