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40 Afghans illegally enter South Sudan

40 Afghans illegally enter South Sudan

At least 40 Afghan refugees have made their way into South Sudan without clearance from the government, the Director-General of Immigration, Passports, Nationality, and Civil Registry Lt. Gen. Atem Marol Biar has said.

Marol expressed concerns over the illegal entrance of undocumented foreign nationals into the country saying it could breed insecurity.

The Director-General made the remarks on Thursday morning last week during a briefing to sector commanders who have been deployed across the city.

He said his office had noticed that there are Afghans who have already entered South Sudan without registration at the immigration department.

“I was not aware in the short time that Afghans who were fighting are already here with us in South Sudan. I released this in the report that they have 40 people here with us who all stay in one place,” Gen. Marol revealed.

Other foreign nationals

Gen. Marol said besides Afghans, there were also other foreign nationals entering South Sudan without documentation.

“And I also released in the report that there are people from specific countries who stay in a specific place,” he added.

He urged the immigration officers to use theories of silent search and that of police to conduct the operation in a polite way to avoid confrontations with foreigners who are not registered with the immigration.

“I want you to cooperate with them because we cannot develop this country alone and report those who fight with you to me so that we notify their embassy officials about the actions and I urge you not to fight with foreigners” Gen. Marol stressed.

He pointed out that the objective of conducting the silent search is for security reasons because big numbers of foreigners in South Sudan have no documents and that it will be very difficult to identify them when they are involved in crime.

He said his office has identified some of the areas where foreigners enter South Sudan without legal immigration documents and that they have plans to establish immigration offices to regulate entry in those areas.

“For example [in] the area of Maiwut, we were not having immigration and last month we sent a brigadier to Maiwut to open an office there. The only place where we don’t have an immigration office is Akobo and we are working on it,” he said.

Marol advised the officers to protect all foreigners leaving in South Sudan because it is the responsibility of the immigration department to provide them with security.

“I have received some reports that the police fight with civilians in the stations and I don’t want to mention your name but the high committee will talk to you about the reports and that’s why I have called all of you to come today,” he told the officers.

Via: The City Review


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