Bad elections ‘better then’ extension of interim period, says Gen. Buay

JUBA – South Sudan opposition leader Gen. Stephen Buay Rolnyang has slammed what he calls ‘political deadwoods’ forming alliance in order to present themselves to the international community as the alternatives in South Sudan, saying a bad election is better than extension of the transitional period.

“Holding bad elections is better than extending an evil regime,” Buay said in a statement extended to Sudans Post this morning.

“It is better for the people of South Sudan to have a case with a regime that may rig the upcoming elections which are supposed to take place in December 2022, before the end of the interim period in February 2023, and to confront only one President and one Vice President,” he added.


The former South Sudan army commander went on to warn the people of South Sudan against new emerging political alliance outside the country that are presenting themselves to the international community as alternative in the country.

“I would also like to warn the people of South Sudan against some political deadwoods in and outside the country who are now rushing to form cosmetic alliances to be seen by the international community as alternative body to replace the current regime at the end of the interim period, forgetting that they were once integral part of the top leadership of this despotic regime and most of the terrible messes in this country were caused by them,” he sai

“They are known by the people of South Sudan as people who have siphoned the public funds and built skyscrapers with fat bank accounts in the neighbouring countries and beyond, yet they have guts to be the ones to replace the current regime,” he said.

Gen. Buay said “The People of South Sudan shall need new faces not the old faces that put their own interests above the interest of the nation. We are here supporting the people action not the cosmetic alliances with old faces known even by the international community and the UN for being corrupt.”

“Their objectives are just temporarily, they can go back tomorrow and work with the regime if they are promised to be returned to their previous lucrative positions and shall continue to aggravate the suffering of the people of South Sudan.

“We shall work with the people of South Sudan and other liked -minded friends of the Republic of South Sudan to continue fighting for a fundamental regime change through both armed resistance and non-violent means to liberate the people of South Sudan from the politics of tribalism, hatred, repression and bondage and install a federal democratic system of governance in the country to allow the people of South Sudan to choose their leaders who shall live up to the people’s expectations and aspirations.”


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