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MAY 23, 2021

By Deng Vanang,

JUBA….( SSVV) Dr. Riek Machar is many things in one, a contradiction of sorts. Quite a predictable man whose predictability, though routine, is way off the mark to nail.

A herd boy who went to study as far as the United Kingdom and returned as King to Nuer organized anarchy as people’s servant leader.

He espoused values of democratic governance, while secretly cherishing and openly practicing dictatorial tendencies.

His unsuspecting audience aesthetically fall off under his famous trademark of bewitching gap-toothed, but vain and deceptive smile.

He chats and laughs his heart out loud and long at a time many think he should be in his lowest of spirit ever as things fall apart around him like a knocked pile of dominoes.

The author of Emma’s war, Deborah Scroggins in her book on Machar’s late British born wife, Emma Mcune {Machar} describes him as a handsome hunk who laughs with you while plotting your end at the same time.

He treats with suspicion intellectuals he always deals with at considerable yard away as he brings closer those he deems intellectually challenged for maximum command and control in his usual use and dump leadership style.

He recruits civil defense mobs he knows can do his bidding at a summoning light cough who neither hold him accountable for his series of administrative abominations nor his systemic failures, while he similarly disperses members of regular armed forces into an oblivion where they rather mind their own business as they fend for themselves into hopelessness.

More competent and efficient when executing his superior’s orders, but literally assumes a know it all personality who miserably falls short of governing his own system.

He rises to his feet and stretches out his hands in a public relation stunt when greeting lowly members of society as only and proudly social equalizer and do-gooder type of a leader among his peers and perceived competitors.

He takes responsibility for the success his juniors score, while swiftly disowning acts going contrary to his interest.

A typical Mechavelian, he is a low lying fork when cornered, while bouncing on his enemy like a lion when strong.

In his success or failure, he sheds off those he is in a long struggle with for a complete set of new faces destined to be blindly loyal to him given the unqualified favor he extends.

In 30 years or so he has been both at odds with external and internal adversaries, Riek Machar always wriggles off the hook of numerous transgressions against being caught red handed despite lording it over everyone, friend and foe, near and far.

He is today on a 30-year old political roller-coaster ride again rattling long suffering friends and foes from within IO’s troubled Magenis who are now flying high on heels with the following litany of charges to an enraged court of Nuer public opinion he obviously denies:

1- He claims to be a democrat; while he makes appointments without consulting his deputy chairman and military Chief of General Staff.

2- When in public he is convinced against a decision he wants to make, but always finds a way out to overturn the popular opinion to suit his personal vested interest.

3- He is friendly with the weak, while seeing those capable of helping him as a threat.

4- His influential appointments are skewed to favor blood relatives, yet he views himself as a freedom and justice crusader in the country for the last 30 years.

5- His inner circle is nothing but clan homestead looking down on and insubordinating everyone and even their seniors not of their own clan.

6- When being chased away from the dinner table by fellow comrade in power, he runs to safe haven in Jikany and Lou lands, but returns to his homeboys and girls without a word of thanks now that he has a share of the national cake he was previously denied.

7- In war time other Nuer clans’ members give up their lives so that he lives to rule and provide for all, but gives fruits of peace to members of his clan.

8- He claims to build a peaceful-prosperous country when given the opportunity to lead, yet he hates the educated class to help him build the kind of a country he envisions.

9- He has usurped 30 years of generational leadership which would have been enjoyed by more than three leaders if he truly believes in the term limit as democracy envisages.

10- He admonishes and cries when the Nuer kill opponents threatening to kill them and him, while unconcerned when Nuer are being slaughtered.

11- He says he can not secure guns for Nuer they will use to kill others, while he is now outsourcing weapons of destruction to finish the Nuer who question his eligibility to continue ruling.

12- He advises the Nuer to bear with hunger and keep peace while he is eating, but when he runs short of food, he rallies the Nuer to rebel and trash peace now that he is hungry himself.

13- He says his boss has failed when the same boss delegates most of his powers to him to change things the way he himself wants them changed for the better.

14- He wants Nuer to save him from the enemy at higher cost of human lives, but he later gives himself up to the enemy at will after a lot of death and material destruction.

15- He drives a wedge between the Nuer and Dinka by joining one camp against the other when it suits him most.

16- he falsely claims to fight and defeat a well armed opponent by just sitting under the tree until the enemy returns to haunt everyone dead or alive.

17- He is always willing to give up leadership to others and denies his people the same with a lot of blood to shed.

18- He tells clan youths to go to school, while mobilizing other Nuer youths to die for him and his clan.

19- The same position of Vice President he said in 2013 couldn’t be the reason for Nuer to die, he is today killing the Nuer to protect it.

20- His envious attempts to snatch dictatorial powers from John Garang and Salva Kiir he himself wants to enjoy under the pretext of fighting for democracy and good governance are tantamount to misleading people to their death without cause.

21- He deceives people to democratically contest positions in his many movements, but ends up to appoint defeated candidates in place of those popularly elected by their constituencies.

22- Fearing free and fair competition, he undermined and dropped into depression and subsequent death of elder politicians he replaced with his errant toddlers.

23- He allowed the Nuer to be defeated, isolated and disrespected, resulting in disorganization and lack of confidence in themselves in relation with fellow South Sudanese.

24- He is a known corrupt, morally depraved public intellectual who destroys without blinking an eye his dependants in trust he supposes to help.

25- He rather fixes in than appoints people to positions of leadership he himself remotely controls and runs.

26- He brags about being democratic when he has been governing people for more than 30 years through blood and iron.

Deng Vanang, UDRM/A’S Secretary-General and Member of SSOMA’s Leadership Council. He is reachable at dvanang@gmail.com

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