20 Members abandon Gen Malong, join SSU/AP SPLINTER GROUP

 20 members defected to newly formed SSUFAP under leadership of former SSUF/A DCoG S Gen. Peter Kuol Makuer Kuol and former Military intelligence of SSUF/A which signed peace with government in Juba. we the undersigned represent a group of able minded twenty members whom we sent their list to the Leadership of SSUFAP headquarters in juba 

According to the statement extended to Thejubamirror News Desk says the group joined the new opposition Alliance comprising of six parties jointly referred to as [ NSSSONG0) by our movement SSUF/A lead by Gen. Paul Malong Awan. without wider consultation from the membership. This move has caused dishonesty and confusion as well dilemma among the remembers regrading which direction the movement is heading to

This new Alliance is fighting for regime change and this contradicts the peace process which SSOMA is pursuing with R TGONU in Rome.

As our citizens are suffering and yearning   for peace. we therefore joined alliance with like-minded group in SSUFAP who have taken peaceful means through locally initiated peace talks to end the suffering of our people both in country and diaspora.


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