Date: 01/August/2022

Yes, it is true…

Below are some of the true details.

Dr. Riek Machar, the First Vice President of the Republic, has refused to accept more than 45 (forty five) cows as dowry for the hand (marriage) of his daughter, Judge Meer Riek Machar, during the dowry negotiations yesterday (Sunday) at his residence in Juba.

This is despite the fact that his daughter, Meer, is holding a Masters Degree, and has been a practising lawyer (judge) in London for the last eight years.

This is also despite the fact that the groom’s parents offered more cows for the marriage of their son.

Initially, Dr. Riek Machar and his wife, Mama Angelina Teny, only asked for 11 (eleven) cows for the dowry per the initial customary laws.

Their argument is that raising or inflating dowries for marriages as is currently happening in some communities in South Sudan will make it extremely difficult for young people, including graduates, to get married and establish their respective families.

But other relatives from the FVP’s side agreed to the reduction to 45, instead of just 11. Their argument is that Dr. Riek will also have to give a number of cows to various uncles of Meer, etc., from the 45 as the customs dictate it.

Also 5 to 8 cows from the 45 cows will be returned to the groom’s in-laws as the customs in Western Nuer demands it.

So technically, the dowry is only 37 cows to be paid to the bride’s family, from which uncles of the bride, etc., will also be given some cows.

It is important that our leaders set a practical example in the drive to reduce the bride price, and make it affordable to form a family in many communities in South Sudan. A family is a nucleus of a society.

Currently, dowries or bride prices are being increased to hundreds of cows or their equivalent in money. This is unbecoming!

Congratulations to the family of the First Vice President for walking the talk, and being exemplary.

And God bless the marriage and the new forming family between William Deng and Meer Riek.

Another plus to this marriage is that it is another case of intermarriages in South Sudan.

William Deng is from Warrap state while Meer is from Unity state.

Let us accept and embrace intermarriages among our various communities or 64 tribes in South Sudan. Love has no boundaries.

Source: Former SPLM-IO Spokesman ©


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