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11,000 more unified forces to graduate Friday -Lt. Gen. Garang Ayii

The peace parties are set to graduate the second batch of the unified forces in greater Bahr el Ghazal on Friday, according to the Co-Chair of the Joint Defense Board and Chairperson of the High Committee for Bahr el Ghazal Unified Forces.

Lt.Gen. Garang Ayii Akol says these are forces camping at Masna Biira, Mapel, and Pantit training centers in the Bahr el Ghazal region.

“The graduation of the unified forces will be on date 4TH of November which is Friday, they are the army and other organized forces such as prisons service, wildlife, civil defense, and police,” he said.

He says a total of 11,000 soldiers are ready for the graduation ceremony.

“The arrangements are going on well, the uniforms have arrived, and the number of those (soldiers) who will be graduated is 11,000, but not all of them are in the parade, some of them will come back,” he said.

The unity government held the first graduation ceremony on 30 August for the Necessary Unified Forces.

The 21,973 unified forces comprised 3,308 VIP protection soldiers, 4,366 police personnel; 6,315 national security officers, and 1,120 prison personnel.

While about 3,575 personnel would take charge of the National Wildlife Service; 3,289 to be deployed to the National Civil Defense Service.

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