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South Sudan marks a decade of sovereignty


South Sudan marks a decade of sovereignty

The United Nations in South Sudan stands with all South Sudanese in pursuit of a peaceful, prosperous, and stable nation despite the many challenges the country has faced since independence in 2011.

The 9th of July Independence Anniversary is a significant milestone, not only for the country, but also because of its relationship with the United Nations, which began five days after the attainment of independence in 2011. The United Nations has continued to seek partnerships and cooperative arrangements with the government based on common values.

Ten years ago, the people of South Sudan set out on a path of self-rule and independence with the promise of a better future. Many challenges ensued, and progress towards nationhood was stifled because of recurring conflict and the incalculable loss of life. Opportunities for a smooth transition to peace to enable the people of the world’s youngest nation to achieve their economic, social and political aspirations, were missed.

“However, despite some lost opportunities, it is never too late to invigorate the peace process so that humanitarian assistance is more effective, and conditions are created where development activities can have broader and greater impact,” said Matthew Holling worth, outgoing RC/HC a.i. and WFP Representative in South Sudan.  Notwithstanding the many challenges faced over the years, the United Nations has provided unwavering humanitarian assistance, aid, and development assistance that has been a crucial lifeline for millions of people in South Sudan. Each year, the South Sudan Humanitarian Response Plan guides hundreds of humanitarian organizations to save lives and protect people; ensure people’s access to basic services; and enable people to recover from the crisis.

To continue providing lifesaving and life changing interventions in South Sudan, it is paramount that aid workers can work in a safe and secure humanitarian space, free of targeted attacks which inevitably undermines access to vulnerable populations in need of assistance.

As we look to the future, South Sudan can take pride that it has secured its place as a sovereign UN State among the family of independent nations. The UN in South Sudan looks forward to continued close and positive partnership arrangements in the years to come.


‘A decade of providing humanitarian assistance the needy, the threatened and the displaced has saved countless lives in this new nation,’ said the incoming RC/HC a.i and UNHCR Representative, Arafat Jamal. ‘Now, the international community must look forward, to help stabilise South Sudan by supporting solutions and sustainable development, while maintaining a robust emergency response capacity.’

The United Nations Country Team takes this opportunity to convey to all South Sudanese citizens at home and abroad, its best wishes for health, happiness, peace, and prosperity on this historic day.


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South Sudan as a state of nation must do things differently in the anniversary of tenth years of the independent from the Sudan.